I offer:

- Rental of premises / clinic

- Products (Restylane / Azzalure) for concerned treatments

- Various equipment, needles etc

- Hylase

- Responsible doctor for approval of all completed treatments, consultations and journals

- 10-20 completed treatments + journals ready to submit for approval by SST

- "Hands on" / one to one teaching through all of the treatments

- Scheduling training course

- Follow-up

The Danish National Board of Health has established criteria for approval of health care professionals for cosmetic treatments with non permanent fillers and botulinum toxin. The essence of these requirements is that you have to perform, respectively. 20 model treatments with each product subject to certain criteria. Some skills may grant an exemption, so you only have to perform 10 model treatments.

When these treatments have been performed according to existing regulations and approved by The Danish National Board of Health, and that you have a responsible doctor you can perform the basic areas with the products concerned.

I urge that you continue to follow up with training and sparring with experienced professionals within the industry. This being necessary if you want to expand your treatment areas.This applies to eg treatments to lips, nose, chin, vital / skinbooster, cheekbones, Azzalure advanced etc.

Requirements of starting up model treatments:

- The approval of doctor, nurse or dentist.

- You have completed an the introductory course in the treatment

Special requests are met!


Model your treatment packages:

For further information or registration for the the introductory course or modeling package

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